"Quick and safe medical evacuation - when every second counts."

Our missions

The Medevac department manages transportation for various NGOs, associations, requests for assistance from various governments, military authorities and insured customers around the world.



“Medevac”, the short form for “Medical Evacuation” refers to the organised movement/transportation of patients from one location to another using specialised and purpose-built facilities such as medical aircraft, ICU equipment and medical personnel on board.






Our fleet

We can reconfigure all our aircraft for MEDEVAC operations,

but we have aircrafts "ready to go" with their own colors.

Cessna Grand Caravan EX 
2 pilots, 2 medics (+1) and 1 patient

-> ZS-EMS - Southern Africa
-> OO-EMS - Europe
-> N01EMS - Hawaii

Beechcraft King Air 350

2 pilots, 2 medics (+1) and 1 patient


-> ZS-ICU - Southern Africa
-> OO-ICU - Europe
-> N01ICU - Hawaii

Cessna Citation Mustang

2 pilots, 2 medics and 1 patient



-> OO-HYZ - Europe


Cessna Citation Longitude
2 pilots, 2 medics (+2) and 1 patient

-> ZS-AID - Southern Africa
-> OO-AID - Europe
-> N01AID - Hawaii

Airbus H145

2 pilots, 3 medics and 1 patient


-> ZS-HMU - Southern Africa

-> OO-HMU - Europe

-> N01HMU - Hawaii


Our fleet of medical aircraft is there to best respond to customer requests and the variety of our aircraft allows us to travel to small airfields or large airport areas.

Click on the aircraft registration to download its livery (MSFS2020)

Our international offices locations


Brussels Military Airport - Melsbroek



Paris - Le Bourget 

Nice Côte d'Azur


Southern Africa:

Johannesburg - OR Tambo International Airport

Cape Town International Airport



Honolulu - Daniel K. Inouye International Airport

We have "ready-to-go" sites in large geographic areas to best respond to requests received, to limit responsiveness time and optimize the medical chances of our customers.

Rapid Response: Medevac transport emphasizes the need for swift and immediate response to medical emergencies, ensuring that patients receive timely care and transportation to appropriate medical facilities.

Critical Care: Medevac transport often involves the transfer of critically ill or injured patients, necessitating specialized medical equipment and personnel capable of providing intensive care during transit.

Aeromedical Evacuation: This term specifically refers to the use of aircraft for transporting patients in need of medical attention, often in emergency or disaster situations where traditional ground transportation may be impractical.

Stabilization: Prior to transport, patients often require stabilization to manage and stabilize their medical condition. This involves initial medical interventions to prevent further deterioration during the transport process.

Logistics and Coordination: Successful medevac transport relies on effective logistical planning and coordination, involving communication between medical teams, transport providers, and relevant authorities to ensure a smooth and efficient transfer of patients to appropriate medical facilities.

Our team

Carré Cédric

Department Manager



Tarmac-Aero Group



Cessna 208

Cessna Longitude



You want to become a Medevac pilot?

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